Technical Equipment
Field Service
 4 Leica / Zeiss precision Tacheometers

 2 digital Leica/Zeiss Levelling Instruments

 2 permanent Continuous Monitoring Systems
Also available: a measuring sensor for recording temperatures and determining ground water levels

For control, data collection, data evaluation and data transfer we use the Observer Professional software system (Geomos and CBP) in conjunction with a program that we ourselves have developed for data analysis, plausibility checks and documenting measurement results.

We use the GEOTEC PANDA V2.50 program system for computing forecasts and simulations.

 Guidance systems manufactured by the companies VMT / Schwarzer

 Laser Tracker Industrial Measurement System Manufactured by Leica

 Our company can also supply a wide range of accessories

All these devices use state-of-the-art technology. They are regularly examined and waited.

Office Work
 Graphic Workstations
1 MicroStation, 3 Auto CAD, 2 Geograf

 Measurement Software
Correction software: PANDA, SYSTRA, Spazial Analyser  
Calculating program: Survey  
Digital Terrain Model: AUTOTerrain  
Levelling evaluation software: Nigra  
Diverse applications: own developed Applications (CPV)  

Management and Staff Partners