Grafische Datenverarbeitung

  Graphic Data Processing  
  Graphic Data Processing  
  Graphic Data Processing  

Graphic Data Processing

The aim of graphic data processing is to provide users with tools so that they can satisfy the ever-higher demands on accuracy, topicality, comprehensiveness and the scope of planning projects.

We offer our services in the following fields:

A-built and pipeline documentation (gas, water, electricity, district heating)
General and special plans, building plans, fire-brigade plans and plans for owners
Project-related planning
Topographic maps
Programming and software development

Geo-information describes objects and the way things appear in the real world within their spatial context. Geo-information helps people to organise, manage and preserve the environment in which they live and work. Geo-information provides the best solution for combining geodata with specialised data of all kinds.

With pressure growing on planners and decision-makers to improve their services and speed up operations, geo-information is becoming an indispensable source of information for businesses, scientists and administrators.

Geo-information systems help us to overcome misunderstandings when discrepancies appear between extensive information sources of all kinds on the one hand, and poor access to information on the other. They also make entire information databases of municipalities and companies available to all specialist offices and departments.

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