Service Profile: Survey Engineering  
  Geodetic Fixed Point Field: Surveying, controlling, determining, making permanent benchmarks and securing the necessary horizontal and vertical benchmarks;
making grid measurements; determining control points
  As-Built Documentation
Design Surveys
Pipeline Documentation :
Topographic surveys, field comparisons
Surveying buildings and other structures, subterranean constructions as well as communication networks, pipelines and canals Documentation
  On Location: Staking out building lines, building outlines, staking out with a batterboard
Staking out main axes
Staking out lane lines, aligning main points of routes
  Construction Surveys: Establishing and maintaining stressfree survey grid networks; staking out points decisive for geometry (horizontally and vertically)
In road construction: staking out foundation soil, fine grading, placing asphalt
In rail construction: staking out, making allowance for clearance
In building construction: transferring the axis system to the storeys, determining cutting checks and façade axes
In tunnel construction: staking out the starting shaft and axes, setting up and monitoring guidance systems, making control measurements
  Tunnel Control System: Installation, Installation, supervision and evaluation of automatic tunnel control systems when installing tubbing and driving the tubes  
  Geodetic Documentation: Measuring deformation and subsidence
Evidentiary documentation with measuring systems for permanent automatic monitoring of buildings
  Laser Tracker Using 3D laser measuring technology for precise geometry control of industrial properties  

Service Profile Graphic Data Processing