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Service Profile – Engineering Surveys

Our Surveying Activities Focus on the Following Areas:
Energy and Waste Disposal
Road Construction Administrations
The Construction Industry
Industry: Production Processes, Construction and Manufacture
Waterway Navigation and Development Authorities
Property Developers and House Building

As well as projects in the following areas:
Offices and Departments at the levels of the Federal state, the Laender and the Local Authorities
Catastral and Surveying Offices

We supervise building measures at every level. Our work covers local as-built surveys, all planning stages, monitoring administrative procedures, local construction-site inspection, general planning and - last but not least - overall project management.

We consider it our duty, to follow, at all times, technical developments in our fields of activity and to integrate - wherever possible - the latest know-how in the processing of current projects.

Engineering Surveys Summary in Tabular Form